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Our Services

Our Four-Step Therapy

Our invigorating hair care sessions last about one hour for women ($110+tax)
and 50 minutes for men ($90+tax).

Scalp and Hair Microscopic Analysis

• Our trichology specialist uses the latest automatic microscopic hair analysis to evaluate your hair.
• A consultation will be provided to help you better understand the overall health of your scalp, roots and hair.

Relaxation and Blood Circulation

• Aroma Mist Therapy.
• Foot and calf massage, which will be continued throughout the session.
• Neck and shoulder Galvanic Massage.
• Hot towel finish.

Deep Cleansing and Detoxification

• Scaling of scalp and pores.
• Galvanic Stimulation Therapy.
• Ion Deep Pore Exfoliation.
• Ozone Treatment and “Nano” Mist Stream.
• Rejuvenating shampoo treatment with our natural formula.
• Aqua Acupuncture therapy.
• Deep conditioning with our nourishing products.

Nourishing Treatment and Consultation

• Serum treatments for your scalp with natural vitamins and nutrients (hyaluronic acid, salycidic acid, panthenol etc).
• Galvanic penetration (Iontophoresis) using negative ions to infuse tonics deep into the follicles and roots of your scalp.
• Dry and Finish.
• Microscopic Analysis to provide you with Before & After comparisons.
• A thorough home-treatment recommendation for your best hair and scalp health.

A Spa For Your Scalp

Our treatments are like a facial for your scalp. At Odjibik we know that your scalp deserves the same attention as the skin on your face. That’s why our holistic regime is catered to rejuvenating your scalp and roots through natural, gentle and effective methods.

Our method includes:
• Eliminating flakes, which are a mixture of sebum/oil and dead skin.
• Exfoliating buildup from deep within your skin and around your hair roots.
• Disinfecting both surface and deep skin.
• Hydrating your scalp and unclogging pores.
• Stimulating your scalp muscles and restoring any broken capillaries and blood vessels.
• Infusing your scalp and roots with rich nutrients.

Natural Hair Care with the Latest Technology

We believe that natural hair care doesn’t need to be regressive. Instead, at Odjibik we harness cutting-edge holistic technology to provide you with all-natural hair care solutions.

We use special galvanic workstations that are exclusively designed for scalp treatments. This technology helps manipulate positive and negative ions. Using these machines alongside our carefully crafted products, allows us to reach deep into your scalp skin and naturally exfoliate buildup or excessive sebum. Using the charged ions, we can help our hydrating and nutrient-rich formulas to penetrate deep into your hair roots.