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About Us

Odjibik (o-zi-bik) means “Root” or “Origin”

in the Algonquin First Nations language.

We nourish your real hair by helping it heal and repair naturally

We want to embark on a journey with you to rejuvenate your hair in a natural and sustainable way.

Our products are all rooted in the FNMI foundation of respecting the earth, our shared origins and all aspects of nature. We believe in tackling all problems by addressing the root cause, instead of the superficial manifestations.

We address the root cause of the problem, instead of covering up the symptoms.

We don’t want to offer you just another treatment that will temporarily cover up damaged hair. Instead, we believe in rejuvenating your hair naturally to help it flourish and reach its maximum potential. We know that this makes us pioneers and rule-breakers in the field of hair care.

While most salons will simply coat your hair with chemicals that give you the illusion of lustrous and thick hair, we don’t take this approach. Instead, we provide holistic and natural long-term solutions for thinning or damaged hair. We breathe new life into your hair by nourishing your scalp health. We strengthen the roots of your hair and replenish your hair’s moisture.